Suit your needs.

As a seller, your aim is to have potential buyers fall in love with your home. 

Engaging experts who understand the market to style your property for sale will increase its marketability.

Renocliq offer a full styling service with various options to suit your needs. We work closely with all Estate Agents around the bayside areas from Port Melbourne to Black Rock and surrounding areas.

We can style your entire vacant property or simply add select items to complete your home ready for sale.

Transform your property into one that your potential buyers will connect with emotionally; if your property pulls at the heart strings it is far more likely to open the purse strings! This is not just a fling, we want them to fall in love.

We will look at your home with fresh eyes and see both the strengths and flaws that may be invisible to you as a homeowner. renocliq's proven expertise in styling will ensure that your property's best assets are showcased, and its potential maximised. 

Property styling for sale - South Melbourne 

Property styling for sale - South Melbourne 

'Why style my property for sale?'


Styling guarantees a great first impression.

First impressions last and lasting impressions lead to a sale and you never get a second chance to make that first impression! It is a fact that most buyers make up their mind within seconds of entering a property. Styling your home will have your buyers at "Hello".

Styling sets your property apart.

In a market that is more competitive than ever, it's more important than ever to stand out from the crowd. Styling your property will give it a style of its own. 90% of buyers now decide which houses to view based on photos and videos online. Styling will ensure your property stands out from the rest and makes your buyers' must-see list.

Styling "neutralises" your home.

"Neutral" certainly does not mean bland (far from it), it simply means styled to appeal to the widest possible audience. Remember that buyers do not want to buy your home - they want to buy your house and then make it their home. A "neutral" home helps potential buyers visualise themselves and their things in your home.

Styling will help you achieve the highest possible price.

In an article on styling in the Weekend Australian in 2015, leading real estate agent, John McGrath, commented that almost 25% of home sellers are engaging a home stylist and netting a 5% to 10% increase in the sale price. In a more recent survey of top real estate agents, the estimate came in even higher at 7.5% to 12.5%.

Styling can help you physically and mentally prepare for moving.

During the styling process, you can start to pack up, store and/or move your personal and unnecessary items. If furniture and accessories are hired, you can move yours into your new home and be settled in a lot sooner than expected. Styling can also help you detach from your home as you start seeing it purely as a product for sale, soon to be sold.

Styling offers a significant return on investment.

Think of styling as an investment. It is reported that in Australia, property styling boosts your selling price by $3 for every $1 spent. This ROI is even higher if you take into consideration the savings involved in a quicker sale. Every week that your property sits on the market there are mounting bills, rates, insurance, listing fees, payments etc. not to mention the emotional costs.

Beautiful 4 bedroom home - Brighton 

Beautiful 4 bedroom home - Brighton 

Property styling for sale - South Melbourne   


Softened spaces using different textures in Albert Park home

Styling around all items or animals in a home including this sleepy puppy... Archie our mascot!

Property styling for sale - Albert Park 

Leafy greens in Elwood home

Leafy greens in Elwood home

The little touches of fresh flowers! 

Amazing colourful framed artwork creates such a different with pops of colour! 

A little corner under the stairs brought to life in Albert Park!




Garden outlook in Elwood home

Garden outlook in Elwood home